Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My walking little girl

Emma has finally taken her first few steps!  Not many. Three, five steps before she plonks on her butt and laughs cheekily.  I recall my amazement when she went from a squatting position to a standing position trying to hold up a very long toy, and started walking towards me.  I almost teared!!!

Soon. Soon she will be walking all around the house. Please Emma... don't grow up so quickly.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sucking her thumb - The Solution!

Emma keeps sucking her thumb til it has blisters. We tried putting on mittens, socks and she has learnt to pull them all off (and she throws them out of her cot!). So Tri (our maid) came up with this brilliant idea. She sewed adult sized socks to Emma's night time tee shirts!!! Now... try taking THAT off!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ten months old

Emma hit the 8kg mark finally. I haven't really been weighing her as much as before. I figured that she is eating well (yes, lumpy, age appropriate food like pasta, bread and porridge ), growing well (teeth coming out, eyes bright, can crawl forward quickly, can stand unassisted for a short while, respond to action requests like "bye!" etc, there isn't any cause for concern.

I took some time the other day to teach her that she can pick up the delicious geber puffs with her fingers and place them in her mouth. She finally did it!

Toilet training has been smooth so far, when we see her face turn pink and she makes the em! Em! sounds, we bring her to the potty. Otherwise, we just put heron the potty routinely after breaky.

Emma loves swimming so when ever I get the chance, I will bring her into the water with her neck float. Last Sat, I got invited by a good friend, Theresia, to the Raffles Town club spa suite! Wonderful hotel room with a jacuzzi in the room! Travis n Emma had a lot if fun in the warm tub! She wasn't afraid of the bubbles from the jacuzzi either!

Watch her as she grows! hoping that I can complete her First year photobook by her birthday in Jan.

Emma slept in her own room last night

Emma has been sleeping in our room (in her cot) fo ten months. Once she is asleep, we have to open the door carefully, tip toe to grab our stuff and close the door behind us silently. Lead we n I can't even use our own attached bathroom for showers. We have been using Travis' bathroom th last ten months! Lol!

It was time to RECLAIM our bedroom. I moved Emma's cot into the last bedroom in the house last evening. I put her in the cot and she rolled around in it happily. I left the room and closed th door behind me. No sound from Emma. Fiv minutes later, I stood outside the door to listen in. Silence.

And so she slept there for the night!

And since Travis slept in his own room as well, lead we and I could watch TV in our room again for the first time in many months!


Friday, October 21, 2011

7.885 Kg finally

Her weight was stagnant for almost two months hovering at 7.2kg-7.4kg for the longest longest time.  With 700ml of milk a day and three full meals, Emma has really grown... and I am pleased. =)

Emma hates her Pasta

Think she hates chewing. She kept spitting it out... maybe its tasteless, or fishy (we mashed fish and added it into the pasta meal). I gotta keep trying out new menus and hopefully she starts eating more lumpy food which is age appropriate.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Emma the Gemma

Travis' little sister - Emma finally reaches the 8th month milestone yesterday. Weighing 7.2kg, measuring 71cm.  She sits very comfortably and has started to crawl a little! Emma has two bottom teeth at the moment and a third one is growing out very soon.  She loves to eat her purees and hates to drink from the bottle as she prefers to be breast-fed.  I cannot believe that I have managed to breast feed this little milk monster for 8 months!! I did think that 6 months would have been more than enough. We saved on buying milk powder for the last 8 months.

Feeling charged up, i decided to make her a black and white polka dot dress today.  She will wear it for this Saturday's party ("Liwei's ex colleague Alex's 5 yr old son's birthday").  The dress turned out to be a hit with my friends on FB.

Oh well, I should really keep up with blogging. Been very busy and its very hard to find time when I am looking after two milk monsters. =) Ciao!

Mami B